Discover Porto - 3 things to do

What to do in Porto you ask? 

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and she is worldwide famous because of their Port wine. After living in Porto for five weeks we can say that Porto is our favorite city in Portugal. Porto is authentic, charming and colourful. The best way to discover Porto is by foot. Not only will it give you the time to explore the beautiful city, the hills in Porto will give you that amazing butt you have been dreaming about! Our favourite activities in Porto It was hard to select just three activities to do in Porto. After alll, we had the luxury ecery of living in Porto for 5 weeks! But, we managed to make a top three for you! All of them are easy to walk to if you stay in the old culture center of Porto. If you want to see other places we recommend, be sure to check out our YouTube channel!

Livraria Lello 

The most beautiful bookstore of Porto with an extraordinary, historical and architectural value. There are even rumours that J.K. Rowling was inspired and even wrote one of the Harry Poter titles here! J.K. Rowling herself says that is not true unfortunately. The bookstore is located at the number 144 of Rua das Carmelitas, across the bookstore there is a shoppingmall with a whole park as rooftop! To enter the bookstore you have to pay €5,00 p.p. We recommed to buy your ticket online on their website. If you buy a book at the bookstore you will get €5,00 discount on your purchase. Remember that you will probalby stand longer in line than that you are in the bookstore. 

Parque Serralves

Parque Serralves is definitely a place you have to go if you love a combination of art, nature, and architecture. It includes a museum of contemporary art, park, architecture, cinema and treetop walk! We admired the exhibition and the outside park for hours! The exhibition was amazing but the treetop walk was certainly our personal favourite! You can enter Parque Serralves for free on every 1st Sunday of the month from 10:00 am till 13:30 pm. On every other day you have to pay an entrance fee. You can buy a ticket for €20,00 and get access to all the facilities that we just mentioned. If you are a student or buy a monthly subscription you will get 50% off, check their website for other deals!

Douro valley river cruise

If it is your first time in Porto or even after a several visits you will probably have the same thoughts as us. Porto is build on a bloody hill! So, if you want to relax from walking hills all day, we recommend to do a Douro valley river cruise. Seeing Porto from another perspective has a somewhat romantic vibe to it. But, before you can give your legs a day off you will need to find the starting point. If you cross the famous Dom Luis Bridge designed by a student of Gustav Eiffel, you will arrive in Gaia. Next to the Douro river there are a few boats offering you their tour service. You can already book a river cruise including a port wine tasting for €15,00. You don't want to miss the wine tasting, Porto is quite famous because of their signature Port wines. If you are not a big fan of wine, they also offer port based cocktails and even hot chocolate! The best time to do a river cruise is at the end of the day, you will get to see an amazing sunset!

Douro valley boat tour porto Portugal  
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