We left to travel the world during the pandemic

Why you ask?

Do you really need a reason to explore the beautiful wonders of the world we live in? Honestly no but then this blog would be really short, so we will tell you our reasons anyway.

Before Covid-19 hit us all, we were already planning to explore the world after graduating from our studies. However, due to the unexpected and very unwelcome pandemic, things didn’t go as planned.

For us, it was choosing between building a life in the Netherlands or going on the adventure of a lifetime. We contemplated for a while but we couldn’t escape this urge and then we just looked at each other and asked one another “ Will we regret it if we don’t go right now? ”.

The answer was yes!

Did you just leave?

No, we had a somewhat of an idea of what we wanted. As you might know, traveling the world is not a small endeavour and we were planning to be gone for at least a year!

Before we started our journey we thought it would be interesting to see what else this journey could bring us other than just a holiday. So, we asked ourselves a few questions:

What kind of value can we create for others during our journey?

The world has given us so much already. We are on a discovery to find out how we can give something back to the world and the people around us. We hope to inspire others to leave a place a little bit better than they found it.

Who are we outside of our comfort zones?

Going to new places and experience situations we have never been before. We put ourselves outside our comfort zones on a daily basis. This has shown us that, we are capable of so much more than we thought. In the past months, we have been realising our dreams. Something we thought would be impossible a year ago!

What do we love outside our social bubbles?

We love our friends and family but sometimes they have certain expectations of you based on what they think is right. Traveling the allowed us to be less affected by their standards. To find what we truly love for ourselves

Which countries do we want to visit?

The first country that came to mind was Indonesia because Lisa Beau has Indonesian roots and she has yet to visit the country. From Indonesia, we would go through Southeast Asia, Japan, Oceania (Australia and New-Zealand). We did not want to plan everything so this was a rough draft of our travel itinerary.  

We knew that traveling the world would inspire us and provide us with the answers to our questions. From the moment we decided to go, things worked out way better than we expected. We sold most of our stuff within a week. We booked our flight and left!

What about the money though?

It's all fun and games but yeah someone has to pay the bills right? How did you manage that?

To be honest, we saved up for a year and got a side job which we could do remotely from our laptops anywhere around the world. Although we quit this job after New Year's Eve. Since then, we have been living on our savings and spend our time on becoming self-employed.

Curious about our first destination? Be sure to read our next blog!

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We hope this blog post was helpful to you and inspired you to follow your dreams. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment down below or contacts us @blackandhazelnut on social media (Instagram and YouTube) or by email! Thank you for your time and keep on doing what you love. Have a beautiful day!


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